We Are All Neighbors!

I believe we are all in ONE CHATTANOOGA together. My goal is to build a stronger community where everyone has an opportunity and a stake in its success. I am a tireless fighter for REAL SOLUTIONS for everyone.


Make School safety a top priority to ensure a great environment for learning without fear.

Create a budget item for mental health and social counseling for our children in school. Work for training and tools for our teachers and administrators to recognize and help students under stress and with special needs.

Build bridges between our community, our school administrators, and our local businesses for better, real-world education and corporate donations to help our schools and their budgets thrive.

Economic Development

I will work to create a clear path for businesses that have real jobs to be able to open near pockets of unemployment. I’ll Work to create transportation solutions for our citizens to be able to reach better paying and more stable jobs in our community.

Champion our public-private partnership model that has worked so well in the city to provide job training and skills to prepare under-employed residents for better jobs with better pay. We need to close the income gap!

Work with community leaders to find solutions for the housing affordability gaps that keep residents in difficult situations and away from better jobs and schools.

Better housing and job solutions equal real economic mobility for all of District 28


Simplify paperwork to get to core aid programs for the City, County, and State

Open communication with the WHOLE community

Make sure service programs are open, available and accountable

 I am giving to the community NOW, not waiting for the election to positively change the lives of people in District 28. 

Criminal Justice and Policing

Work for a path for convicted people who have served their time to have their records cleared so they can become productive members of society again

Support our local law enforcement to make sure they are well trained to police safely for all of us

Study decriminalization of low-level, non-violent crimes to reduce arrests, jail time, and court dockets