It is not fun being accused of something you didn’t do. Some years ago, my home was burglarized. I found out over time that along with valuables—like my change bowl full of pennies—less noticeable items such as old IDs and financial records had been taken. These items were later used to steal my identity and impersonate me; without my knowledge credit and utility services were opened in my name, various items rented, leased and financed. I was unaware of this and even after I first became aware of unusual activity the full extent was not known for a very long time. Unbeknownst to me creditors were seeking payment and return of item rented in my name and the police were issuing warrants. The entire experience was traumatizing to me and my family. Thankfully the cases were dismissed, and the records expunged. As for the mugshots, they stay forever, not my best photos I’m told—seems people just aren’t fans of turtlenecks. 

- Lemon C. Williams, Jr.

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